Saturday, December 10, 2011

NCBR: 'Colorado Bioscience Association selects two from Northern Colorado'

Quoting from the Northern Colorado Business Report:

"The Colorado BioScience Association honored a Colorado State University professor and a Fort Collins-based company working to advance human nutrition and medicine.

Melissa Reynolds, assistant professor of chemistry at CSU, received the CBSA's Educator of the Year award for her work in CSU's School of Biomedical Engineering. Reynolds received a $1.3 million Department of Defense grant earlier this year to develop an artificial wound-healing material for battlefield injuries.

Ventria Bioscience, a manufacturer of bioscience products founded in 1993, received the association's Rising Star of the Year award in recognition of its work in commercializing recombinant proteins from a plant-based manufacturing system."

Link to the NCBR article

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