Monday, December 5, 2011

Colorado Gives Day 2011 - Holiday Appeal: Built Around Rescue Cat 'Necklace' For Denver's Cat Care Society

The Cat Care Society (CCS) has built its annual Holiday Appeal around the success of its work this fall with an abandoned 7-year-old cat named 'Necklace' by the Society's shelter and clinic staff. The announcement is made by Diane Stoner, CCS Board President, who says: “We found Necklace in early October abandoned in a dirty carrier outside the Cat Care Society Clinic. Necklace had multiple skin injuries to her neck and face, an ulcer on her upper lip, a broken tooth, and three open facial wounds near her ear, jaw, and cheek. We don’t know what happened, but our team went right to work.”

While under The Cat Clinic's care, Necklace received daily antiseptic washes of her wounds. Gauze around her neck enables her to wear a protective cone, which prevents further injury from scratching. She is starting to heal, and despite all her trauma, Necklace loves to be touched. She will lean in for “head butts” and starts purring and kneading as soon as someone shows affection.

"We are pleased to report that Necklace was adopted to her forever home on November 18. Necklace still has to wear the cone to keep her from scratching her delicate healing skin. Necklace's new "person" was advised by Cat Care staff on how keep her claws trimmed short to aid in the continuing healing process," explains Stoner. "The CCS Necklace appeal is timed perfectly with our Society's participation the Colorado Gives Day on December 6. We were accepted as a registered non-profit organization in the program earlier this year."

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