Friday, February 27, 2015

Denver International Airport: Celebrating Two Decades and Ambitious New Plans...Happy 20th Birthday, DIA!

Quoting from the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation:

"A lot can happen in 20 years. In Metro Denver, we’ve seen it all – a massive light rail expansion, a growing Millennial population that is attracting companies and expansive mixed-use developments, four new professional sports stadiums, the revitalization of countless neighborhoods, and the diversification of the region’s industry base with eight major clusters. 

And today, Denver International Airport (DIA) is a glowing example of just how good two decades can look. Established in 1995 as the largest airport in the United States by total area, this regional economic engine is now consistently ranked as one of the busiest airports in the world. It now houses 109 gates and 42 regional aircraft positions, and served a record 53 million passengers last year, a massive growth from figures seen on its first birthday.

Now, as we collectively celebrate the 20th anniversary of this important pillar of Metro Denver’s growth, on Saturday, Feb. 28, we are also excited to embrace a rapidly evolving DIA into the future and the further growth anticipated on the immediate horizon."

Click to review "Six Significant Changes for DIA as it begins its Third Decade of operation"

Link to the DIA website

Link to "DIA20: The complete DBJ special report on Denver International Airport"

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Metro Denver In The News: "Eight Facts You Might Not Know About Metro Denver’s Eight Industry Clusters"

Quoting from the January 30th posting:

"Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation released its annual Industry Cluster Study, a year-over-year and five-year analysis of our region’s leading industry clusters. These clusters are our primary targets for national business recruitment as well as economic development retention and expansion efforts to grow Metro Denver’s economy.

Our nine-county region has come a long way in recovering jobs since the recession, as Colorado finished off 2014 strong with a 4 percent unemployment rate, the lowest since October 2007. A total of 4,700 new jobs were added to the state in December alone.

Our leading job growth can be attributed to Metro Denver’s eight primary industry clusters, which include aerospace, aviation, bioscience, broadcasting & telecommunications, energy, financial services, healthcare & wellness and IT-Software."

Eight Facts About The Eight Industry Clusters

Report - Executive Summary

Full Report

Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Ads: Maggie Holben's Top Favorites Aren't the Same as the National Poll; They Agree on Fiat for #3

Maggie Holben's choices from last night:

BMW - Katie Couric Asks 'Can you explain what Internet is?' -

Snickers - Brady Bunch and Others -

Fiat - Blue Pill -

USA Today via Weighs In: "The most popular Super Bowl ad is..."

Budweiser - Lost Dog -

Always - Run Like a Girl -

Fiat - Blue Pill -

 Lastly, Holben's favorite image was Katy Perry's shooting star "lifter upper device." It reminded her of an old friend in Wichita, the Wichita Children's Theatre and Dance Center logo. Holben served a three-year board term there in the late 80's and has the fondest of memories of Monica Flynn and her amazing program that's going stronger than ever -

Here's where to view all the 2015 Super Bowl commercials:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Absolutely PR Wraps Up Ten-Year Consulting Relationship with the Colorado BioScience Association

Absolutely Public Relations completed ten years of consulting the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) last month, retiring from the contractual commitment. The announcement is made by Absolutely PR Principal/Founder Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, who says, “I proactively ended this long, productive and valuable client relationship after a decade in order to redefine how I deliver PR consulting services to clients going forward. Absolutely PR, founded in April 1999, remains open, and I will be taking on projects of a lesser scope than in the past to allow more personal time for travel and relaxation with my family.” Absolutely PR also remains a CBSA member company. 

Since April 2005 when CBSA began its proactive media relations program with Absolutely PR's assistance, there have been 1,588 recorded print editorial media placements featuring Colorado Bioscience Association, which is the equivalent of $1,037,078.72 if the same of space was purchased as advertising. This exposure totals 61,588,714 in circulation and is in addition to those same articles also appearing in online versions of the various publications. Online exposure (reported starting in 2009, totals 1,128,221,316). Geographic readership focus of the placement outlets (international, national/trade and regional/local) to date breaks out accordingly: 2% have been international; 47% national/trade; and 51% regional/local since we began monitoring.

Here is a sampling of placement highlights from the past decade of CBSA’s PR program lead by Absolutely PR:


Sep 11, 2014 - Denver Post – BioWest 2014: 'Colorado biotech firms…innovate efficiently' - 

Sep 11, 2014 – Denver Business Journal – BioWest 2014: ‘'FDA could be source of innovation, Hamburg says' -  and speech posting at the FDA website: 

Sep 11, 2014 – InnovatioNews - ‘BioWest 2014 offers insight on creating healthier workforce, getting products to market’ -  


Nov 8, 2013 – Denver Business Journal – Colorado “Biotech industry honors founders, companies” -

Oct 16, 2013 - Xconomy: 'Colorado Biotech Searches for a Few More Investors, Anchor Tenants' - 

Sep 20, 2013 – InnovatioNews – Colorado’s “CBSA investor and partnering conference shines spotlight on region’s most promising bioscience firms”


Dec 14, 2012 – Denver Business Journal – “Colorado BioScience Association hands out nine awards” -

Nov 8, 2012 - Denver Post: 'April Giles named CEO of Colorado BioScience Association' - 

Oct 22, 2012 – BIOTechNow – “Biotech is Growing in Colorado” 


Dec 9, 2011 – Denver Business Journal – “Colorado BioScience Association bestows 2011 awards” - 

Sep 23, 2011 – Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference: Denver Post – “Colorado biotechs court financing by showing off inventions” -

Sep 15, 2011 – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News – “GEN on Fort Collins, Colorado-based VetDC: 'Firm Finds New Uses for Drugs, Diagnostics, and Devices in Companion Animals' - 


Sept 7, 2010 – Denver Business Journal – “CSU prof Temple Grandin, subject of HBO movie, to keynote Denver’s BioWest”  -

Sep 2010 – Bylined Article: iStudent Advisor: “The Science of Biotechnology: Why Colorado is a perfect place to study” – PDF:  


Nov 2009 – Inc Magazine – “Innovation: A New Way to Fight Germs - Sharklet Technologies' Tony Brennan invented a sharkskin-like pattern that resists microbes” - 
Oct 11, 2009 – Denver Business Journal – Colorado’s ”CBSA pushes education initiatives to help attract future workers” -

Sep 18, 2009 – Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference: Denver Post – “Biotech companies court venture capitalists: Medical Money” - 

Sep 2008 – Nature Biotechnology – Colorado: “Growing the bioscience career pipeline – a new program connects local science teachers with the bioscience industry” – PDF: 

Aug 29, 2008 – Denver Business Journal – Colorado – “Med device industry stays healthy” – PDF: 


Dec 12, 2007 – Medical Device Daily - BioWest 2007- Ubl: healthcare ‘homogeneous’ for Dems, not ‘at top’ for GOP” PDF: 

Dec 11, 2007 – Medical Device Daily – ‘BioWest 2007: ‘Showcase,’ and MDD, select ingenious valve firm as tops’ – PDF: 
Dec 10, 2007 – Medical Device Daily - “BioWest 2007: Making med-tech & providing the services to do it well” - PDF: 


Oct 2006 – Medical Design – “BioWest 2006 closes with record attendance” – PDF:  

Sep 25, 2006 – Denver Business Journal – Colorado “State offering $2M in bioscience grants” -

Sep 5, 2006 – Medical Device Daily – “BioWest 2006: TheraTogs is a ‘wearable hugs’ maker right at home in Telluride” – PDF:  


Nov 9, 2005 – Denver Business Journal – Colorado “Bioscience group bestows awards” -

Oct 9, 2005 – Denver Business Journal – “Dollars flowing to Colorado's biotech players: Replidyne, GlobeImmune net $96M in only one month” -

Oct 2, 2005 – Denver Business Journal – “Authority, incubator boost Colorado Biotech” -


Absolutely PR also initiated and maintained CBSA’s social media channels. These channels included: 

Additional Backgrounding

In 2006, Absolutely PR was named CBSA Partner of the Year during the annual Awards Dinner. During the presentation Emcee Rob Reuteman, business editor of the now shuttered Rocky Mountain News, shared these comments on behalf of CBSA: “Holben, founder of Absolutely Public Relations, has worked tirelessly to promote the Colorado bioscience industry message to local and national media. Holben works her public relations magic to promote coverage of Colorado events and industry news. Moreover, she chairs the CBSA Communications Committee, serves on the CBSA Board of Directors, and helps to organize incoming press delegations. She coordinates the industry’s media initiatives with CBSA partners, such as the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. As a media consultant, Holben represents several of Colorado’s leading bioscience companies. Due to Holben’s professionalism and effort, Colorado’s bioscience industry isn’t such a secret anymore.” 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great Read: 'The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users'

Last week a Guy Kawasaki e-mail arrived offering a free Kindle copy of his (and Peg Fitzpatrick's) new book, "The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users." I'd received review copies of his books in the past. He said this was a thank you for my help in the past.

I partook and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it. When PR people aren't PRing these days, quite often they're pondering and carrying out social media tactics. This book feeds that beast.

Link to read my Amazon review: "This is the glove box manual for social media. The perfect guide to help we socializes work smarter. Thank you, Guy and Peg, for your insight. I expect I'll be returning frequently for ideas and suggestions, like I turn to my favorite cook books. Appreciate the review copy very much. @MaggieHolben "

Link for more information at the Absolutely PR website

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Xconomy: Denver Ranks 4th in U.S. for STEM Workers — "a major indicator of economic growth and innovation"

Quoting from today's posting by Xconomy's Gregory T. Huang:

"If you’re looking at job markets in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)—a major indicator of economic growth and innovation — the U.S. is a study in contrasts.

That’s according to a survey by WalletHub, a financial information site based in Washington, DC. The analysis looked at metrics such as job openings per capita for STEM graduates, percentage of workers in STEM jobs, annual median wage and wage growth for those jobs, the projected number of jobs needed in 2018, high-school rankings, and housing affordability."

Link to the full posting and ranking list on

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Denver PR Blog: 'Primavera Group Lands CBSA Account' -- Congratulations Primavera Group Principal Sarah Eder and Senior Communications Strategist Sheliah Reynolds!

Quoting from today's posting:

"The Primavera Group has taken over media relations and strategic public relations contract for the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) from Absolutely PR’s Owner/Principal Maggie Holben, who is retiring as CBSA’s PR consultant after more than ten years of service to the organization."

Link to the posting

Link to the related CBSA news release

Quoting from that release:

“I’ve worked with Sarah over the years and I’m simply thrilled to be able to pass CBSA’s PR baton to her and her team. I’m confident Sarah’s business and PR acumen is exactly what CBSA needs to take our organization to the next level in its awareness growth curve. While I’m retiring as CBSA’s PR consultant, I’m only semi-retiring from the PR business. I’ll continue to keep my Absolutely PR consulting firm open in the future, but will be taking on projects of a lesser scope than the CBSA contract to allow for more travel and time with my family,” Holben explains.