Thursday, December 8, 2011

Staff Favorite: Check Out Tipper at the Cat Care Society; She's Waiting for her Forever Home

Hello, there! My name is Tipper. There’s a story to that name; you see, I have a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia that affects my motor skills, and so I walk funny and fall a lot. But I get around just fine. I like to run and climb and play just like a regular cat. In fact, I don’t even really notice that I’m different from other cats. It doesn’t affect my health; it just makes me extra cute!

I love to be held on your shoulder, and I will come visit you when I am not busy playing. I love to chase things like balls and mice, and also I am very acrobatic. You should see my forward and back flips! If you come visit me at the shelter I will show you all my moves.

I don’t really like other cats and I would be happiest in a home where I have the whole place to myself. I don’t have a lot of special needs but if you have stairs, carpet on them might be helpful! I am just waiting for that special someone to take me home: is it YOU??

Link to Tipper's Petfinder Profile

The Cat Care Society Shelter is open:
Tuesday through Friday Noon - 5:30 P.M.
Saturday 11 am - 4:30 P.M.
Sunday Noon – 3 P.M.
Closed Monday

Adoption Special Through December 31 - No one wants to be homeless for the holidays, so Cat Care Society is running an adoption special through December 31. Tell your friends and colleagues! Cats and kittens are two for the price of one. Or adopt a cat one year old or older and the fee is only $30! We have many adorable cats looking for their forever homes.

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  1. Tipper was adopted to her forever home today. great news for Tipper!