Friday, December 2, 2011

Aurora Sentinel: 'Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti steps away from supermodel runways to focus on the beauty in being different'

Aurora Sentinal Staff Writer Sara Castellanos featured CBSA Awards Dinner Keynote Speaker Rick Guidotti today. Quoting from the Sentinel website:

"...A collection of his photographs is being displayed at a gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver through Dec. 16, and he’ll be the keynote speaker at the Colorado BioScience Association Annual Awards Dinner in Denver on Dec. 8.

Guidotti co-founded Positive Exposure in 1997 with the aim of capturing the inherent beauty of people with physical afflictions like albinism, Down syndrome, Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, and Sturge-Weber syndrome, a disorder that results in port-wine stain birthmarks on the face.

'The idea is to walk away with a new understanding of beauty,' Guidotti said.

Several of Guidotti’s photographs adorn the walls of the VSA arts of Colorado/Access Gallery studio at 909 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.

The people depicted in the photographs hail from all over the globe, including Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, New York and Washington DC..."

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