Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel for taste: 'Rural fine restaurants thrive on out-of-town diners'

Quoting from the article by Stephanie Scarlett:

"In Roanoke, the upscale Joseph Decuis lures about 95 percent of its diners from other towns, owner Alice Eshelman says. 'While we greatly enjoy our small-town location, we also enjoy having 500,000 people within a close proximity,' she says, adding that the restaurant has regular visitors from Indianapolis and Chicago. 'So we see our small-town appeal as an absolute plus, taking advantage of the best of both worlds,' Eshelman says...One idea that is catching on, even in the Midwest, is the 'farm to fork' philosophy, which focuses on local ingredients and the entire food-chain process. More restaurants are highlighting the source of their food, such as duck from Maple Leaf Farms in Milford and chicken from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange. Joseph Decuis in Roanoke raises its own Wagyu cattle and Mangalitsa pigs; its chickens provide eggs."

Link to The Journal Gazette

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