Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Fish farm near Albany [Indiana] becomes world leader' (via Muncie Free Press)

Quoting from an article by Rick Yencer in the Muncie Free Press:

"Delaware County Commissioners did their part for the growing enterprise that began in Redkey in 2005 with just a few thousand fish by approving a $16.6 million economic development revenue bond for infrastructure and wastewater work on Monday. That bond is no obligation on county government and is repaid by investors purchasing the issue. An EDC bond is a tool used by local government to promote development and jobs.

Commissioners President Todd Donati called the project more good news on the economic development front at a time the community had thousands out of work and few good paying jobs outside of higher education and health care...

Bell has an impressive list of food distributors like Cisco, Piazza and Indianapolis Fruit, adding many restaurants also use the trade mark Bell Perch that is a higher quality with a controlled water supply and no contamination with in house production. And its partners include the Indiana Soybean Alliance and The Conservation Fund.

The fish farms are driven by water wells and all wastewater is treated at the site, Much of the money will be spent on wastewater treatment and facilities and the entire project should be finished by 2016."

Link to the Muncie Free Press article

Pictured above is Bell's recently complete Row 3 expansion - to learn more details, read:

(from June 5, 2011): Bell Aquaculture Breaks Ground On $5 Million Expansion At Nation's Largest Yellow Perch Fish Farm In Indiana

(from January 25, 2012) Bell Aquaculture Teams with Indiana Soybean Alliance, Virginia Cobia Farms and The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute

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