Monday, September 23, 2013

Video First Look: 2013 Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference

Clovis Oncology CEO Pat Mahaffy: 'We're In A Good Cycle Now'

Array BioPharma CEO Ron Squarer: 'Advantages of Colorado'

Jeff Calcagno, MD, with J&J Development Corp: 'I'll Tell You What We're Looking For'

A video selection of the thirty regional presenting companies:

Ventria Bioscience, Fort Collins, CO:
AmideBio, Louisville, CO:
Renaptys Vaccines, Aurora, CO:
Sinopsys Surgical, Boulder, CO:
FitBionic, Boulder, CO:
Xenograft, Missoula, MT:
Wasatch Microfluidics, Salt Lake City, UT:
Neuro Assessment Systems, Littleton, CO:
NASSEO, Peoria, AZ:

CBSA Pres/CEO April Giles - Thanks to the RMLIPC Regional Sponsoring Organizations

Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority Pres/CEO Steve VanNurden Welcoming Remarks RMLIPC Opening Reception

Link to the conference webpage

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