Monday, March 5, 2012

Denver Post YourHub: 'Parker Girl Scout troop helps cat food bank' at Denver's Cat Care Society

Quoting from the Parker, CO, YourHub:

"A Parker Girl Scout Troop’s journey of discovering about animals led to the girls making toys and dropping off supplies for Cat Care Society’s Nibbles & Kibbles Cat Food Bank in [Lakewood].

The food bank serves food and cat litter to cats whose owners cannot provide food and litter because of a temporary financial setback. The 10 girls of Troop 624 made cat toys using socks and catnip and collected food and cat litter.

'We want the girls to understand that not all animals have it as nice as theirs do,' said Mary Tate, troop leader. 'There’s a lot of cats out there that don’t have that and the Cat Care Society really works with people who can’t afford to feed their animals.'"

Photo ID: "Caitlin Tate, in purple, and India Choudhury helped deliver cat supplies and food to Cat Care Society's Nibbles & Kibbles Cat Food Bank (courtesy Mary Tate)."

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