Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bell Aquaculture Launches New Emergency Demand Response Program To Conserve Energy

Quoting from the March 27th news release:

"Bell Aquaculture, a pioneer in sustainable fish farming operations, is one of the first companies in Indiana to implement a new emergency energy conservation program introduced in 2011 by AEP-Indiana Michigan Power for commercial and industrial customers. The announcement is made jointly by Norman McCowan, President of Bell Aquaculture, and Mike Barrett, Controls Manager for Havel-Shambaugh, the Fort Wayne-based company that engineered the project for Bell Aquaculture.

As a result of this program, according to McCowan, Bell Aquaculture has installed smart meters and control systems for standby generating equipment to provide for all its power needs during an energy emergency. Energy emergencies are common in some parts of the country, but are virtually unheard of in Northeast Indiana. Such emergencies occur when the demand for electric power exceeds the power grid’s ability to supply it. Energy emergencies are often triggered by unusual weather, but also could be the result of an unexpected loss of a generating plant or a transmission line.

'Bell Aquaculture has taken sustainability to a new level and now has the capability to seamlessly satisfy all of its electric power needs during an energy emergency, allowing the utility to focus its capacity on serving its other customers, while Bell Aquaculture continues its operations without interruption,' Barrett says. 'Participation in demand response not only helps stretch energy budgets, it also helps the utility make better use of their generation and transmission capabilities. All rate-payers realize a benefit when utilities are able to do more with their existing resources.'"

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