Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Interviews Holli Riebel: 'Challenges and solutions for the Bio and Life Sciences industry'

Quoting from CBSA Pres/CEO's recent interview with's Larry Nelson on the upcoming Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference (RMLIPC) in Denver:

"The Bio and Life Sciences industry faces huge challenges raising venture capital in a difficult economy. Investing in an industry that takes ten to twelve years and over $1.3 Billion to bring a drug to market just might shift the action to some widget or a software program that can be flipped to realize a return in just six months. That's the challenge facing the Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) and president/CEO, Holli Riebel. 'Also,' she said, 'venture capitalists reside more on the coasts, and so we're always having a more difficult time attracting venture capital out here in the middle of the country.'"

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