Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fish Farming News Feature - 'Bell Aquaculture: From tiny perch a mighty business grows'

Bell Aquaculture is featured in the current edition (Volume 10, Issue 4 2011) of Fish Farming News - Aquaculture's National Newspaper. Quoting from the article by FFN Contributing Writer Brian Robbins:

"'Vertically integrated' is a phrase that Bell uses frequently in describing itself: pretty much self-sufficient, relying only on outside suppliers for fee. Other than that, they've built their own little world in five years' time and can definitely call their fish their own, from broodstock and eggs, to harvesting and processing on the other end. With their existing facility, Bell is looking at producing 1.8 million yellow perch in a one-year growout cycle. The new addition that's currently under construction (with plans to be up and going by October) will add another 3 million yellow perch a year to Bell's forecast. But wait - it doesn't stop there: Bell's next expansion will boost that number significantly, with the company hoping to have the capacity to handle an additional 7.5 million perch by 2013."

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