Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Colorado BioScience Association and 650+ Partners Oppose Amendments 60 and 61 & Proposition 101

The Colorado BioScience Association together with over 650 partners are opposed to three ballot measures facing Colorado this election – Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101. The announcement is made by Holli Baumunk, CBSA President & CEO, who says these three measures - also known as the 'ugly three' - are referred to as tax breaks, but will have a devastating impact on Colorado and the companies located in the state for years to come.

“These three measures are certain to bring long-term harm to the bioscience industry as a whole and push Colorado’s economy further into recession,” Baumunk explains, “Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 create an unprecedented $4.2 billion deficit at the state and local level, displacing 73,000 jobs, terminating over 8,000 classroom teachers and dramatically increasing fees and licenses on small business. This will happen on top of the 110,000 jobs already lost in Colorado in the last 18 months of the recession.”

Link to the Business Wire release

Link to the Pitch Engine social media release [includes four videos]

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