Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Conservation Fund: 'Putting Yellow Perch Back On The Menu'

Quoting from The Conservation Fund's October 8th Common Ground Newsletter:

"While the Indiana Soybean Alliance worked with Bell Aquaculture to develop soy-based feed for farm-raised Bell Perch®, our Freshwater Institute developed a land-based, closed fish farming system that uses just a small amount of water, requires no antibiotics and captures water waste to fertilize soybean fields. It’s a winning solution that offers economic and conservation benefits, while putting yellow perch back on the menu for fish lovers across the region."

Link to TCF Common Ground

Link to the full article 'Sustainable Fish Success In Indiana'

Also read "Face Of This Place: Norman McCowan, President Of Bell Aquaculture In Indiana"

Quoting from the interview with Bell Aquaculture President Norman McCowan:

"You run one of the most successful aquaculture companies in the nation, how did you get interested in aquaculture?

In the mid-80’s, I raised bait fish. This was my hobby and passion; I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was aquaculture. Learning the water chemistry and fish husbandry in an effort to keep bait fish alive so that I could trout line Indiana’s Wabash River was my first step into aquaculture. At this point I was working in the automotive industry where I really learned about efficiency. I was approached for some consulting work for Bell Aquaculture because I knew about fish husbandry and eventually was hired on full time. My drive to push efficiency into the business and my passion to expand aquaculture is ultimately what led me to be named as president and COO in 2010."

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