Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seedstock: ' the greatest, most valuable web site' with startup profile of Bell Aquaculture from 2011

Why Seedstock? Example, per The Taste of Tomorrow:

"Seedstock is also a steady source of inspiring tales of smart aquaculture — they’ve profiled VCs focused on fostering enviro-friendly aquaculture, and fish farmers experimenting with ways of lowering feed conversion ratio, companies focused on improving quality and traceability for consumers.

Here are two examples — two great profiles of US-based farmers using recirculating aquaculture systems — one looks at SweetSpring Salmon, a producer of coho salmon, and the other focuses on Norman McCowan, a fish farmer who raises 2 million perch a year in the middle of the Indiana cornfields. (McCowan’s Bell Aquaculture, North America’s leading producer of yellow perch, reuses 99.8 percent of its water and converts leftover fish waste into a saleable product, organic liquid plant fertilizer.)

Check out Seedstock if you’re interested in becoming involved in sustainable food production. Their resource page includes a bunch of helpful links — aimed at entrepreneurs, students, job-seekers interested in aspects of sustainable agriculture. In brief, Seedstock bills itself as the resource on sustainable ag, we agree."

Link to The Taste of Tomorrow

Link to Seedstock's May 2011 posting "Startup Profile: Yellow Perch at Sea in the Cornfields of Indiana"

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