Saturday, August 17, 2013

Indiana Public Media: 'Number Of Indiana Fish Farms Have Doubled Since 2006'

Quoting from the August 14th posting:

"Sales from fish farms in Indiana have more than quadrupled in the past six years from $3.5 million in 2006 to $15 million last year, according to a Purdue report released this week... 

...But there are still hurdles the industry must overcome before it can become a major market player. Quagrainie says raising fish requires a lot of capital investment, so staying in business can be difficult. 

Bell Aquaculture Sales and Marketing Director Jon Bennett an attest to that. The Albany-based company was founded in 2005, and he says it is had to find creative ways to cut overhead costs to remain profitable.

'Our company president has spent a tremendous amount of time in researching and developing certain processes,' he says. 'To accommodate, we have also partnered from several agencies to improve what we do and take in technology from other industries sources.'

That includes more efficient filtration systems and technology that reduces water use, which allows them to compete with producers around the world.

Link to Indiana Public Media

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