Monday, June 11, 2012

More From the Suburban Jungle: 'What Happens When You Don't Fertilize Your Tomato Plants'

The Suburban Jungle's Angela Maas talks tomato plants, fish fertilizer (Bell Aquaculture's Fish Rich) and Raspberries in her June 6th posting:

"If you've ever wondered whether fertilizer was really important to the health of your plants, let me show you an experiment that I've been running in my garden this year.

I intended to grow 14 tomato plants, but when I bought plants I wound up with 18. So I planted my usual 14 and then put the other 4 in a separate location.

Since they were not sharing the same plot of dirt, I thought this was a great time to experiment.

I fertilized all of the tomato plants at planting time. I planted them all at the same depth and have watered them at the same levels consistently since planting.

After the initial fertilizer, I stopped fertilizing the four separate plants and kept on feeding the others every two weeks. I fertilize all of my other plants with a low concentration of fish fertilizer every few weeks."

Link to the full June 6th posting with photos of Angela's garden

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