Saturday, June 9, 2012

GEN Feature: 'Global Bioclusters Vie for Dominance'...Colorado ranks 12th in GEN's Top 15 Biotechnology Clusters

Quoting from the June 1 article by Alex Philippidis:

"The U.S. continues to enjoy the world’s largest biopharma industry by establishments (48,059; Battelle); public-company revenues ($61.6 billion in 2010; Ernst & Young); size of prescription-drug market ($307 billion; IMS); jobs (1.42 million; Battelle); venture capital ($4.733 billion last year; MoneyTree Report); R&D research (just over $100 billion in private and public spending); and patents (6,601 within classes 424, 435, and 514 last year; USPTO).

So Uncle Sam remains biopharma’s anchor—or more accurately, two anchors. California and Massachusetts are the top states in biopharma jobs, companies, venture capital raised, NIH grant funding awarded, and patents granted."

Colorado ranks 12th in GEN's Top 15 Biotechnology Clusters:

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