Friday, November 18, 2011

Tails of the Painted Cats - Take a Sneak Peek at the 2012 Designs. Plus join the Painted Cats on Facebook.

Painted Cat design entries have been selected. Our distinguished jurors were Kathy Berls, Arts Director for the Lakewood Arts Council and Linda Goto, Denver Hospice Mask Project. The opening reception for the project will be at the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery on May 3, coinciding with the Cats! Show. The cats will be auctioned July 28 at the Lakewood Country Club.

Browse through the design notebook:

Here is a list of participating artists and their cats this year:

1. Susan A. Becker: Quotable Cat
2. Kathy Burton: Bridal Henna Cat
3. Ashley Conroy: Colorado Calico
4. Liz Cooper: C is for Cat
5. Jane McFadden Dorsey: Jaguar Kitty
6. Jane McFadden Dorsey: Claudia Monette (Drawing cat)
7. Gail Firmin: Soleil
8. Kathryn Jackson: The RubaiyCat of Omar Siam
9. Melanie Gwendahlin Keyes: Cat Masquerade
10. Joan A. Lee: Crazy Quilt Cat
11. Karen R. Mahnken: Helios
12. Shirlee Akemi Miyake: Sushi Chef
13. Sara Nevadomski: Unity
14. Carla Pawlewicz: Hibiscat
15. K. Ross: Casino Kate: The Cat
16. Pam Schmidt: Meowscarade
17. Pam Schmidt: Misty
18. BW Sharp: Pearls & Lilies
19. Bonnie Wilber: Rudi
20. Cam Williams: Toulouse Le Chat

At writing, only one cat is left to sponsor (#2 Kathy Burton: Bridal Henna Cat). To find out more about sponsorship, please contact Jane Dorsey at or 303-239-9680 Ext 16.

Cat Care Society would like to thank Guiry's ColorSource for underwriting art supplies for each artist.

Remember to follow the project as it unfolds on Facebook:

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