Sunday, November 20, 2011

IAMs' The Daily Cat: 'How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Old Pet'

Cat Care Society's Abbi Collins, Adoption Manager, is quoted in The Daily Cat. Abbi was interviewed by Stacey Brecher last month about ''How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Old Pet'... From the posting:

"Are you considering adding a new pet to your family? When choosing your new pet, look for traits that you and your other pet will want, says Abbi Collins, adoption manager at the Cat Care Society in Colorado. 'Kittens are generally easier to introduce to new pets and new situations; however, pairing an energetic kitten with a sedate senior is likely a recipe for disaster,' says Collins. 'Try to find a cat with a history of getting along with the species (and maybe breed) you currently have.' When in doubt, pick animals of opposite genders -- they are more likely to get along."

Link to The Daily Cat

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