Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Book Sale Is Coming Oct 29th: Bigger, Better & Spookier Than Ever

The Cat Care Society 'Cajun's Closet' Thrift Shop is holding its annual Halloween Book Sale, Saturday, October 29, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 5707 W. 6th Ave. (on the Frontage Road west of Sheridan). There will be "creepy" but safe refreshments and discounts for those who come in costume. Cajun's was named Denver Westword's 2011 Best Thrift Store.

"With Halloween right around the corner we're all thinking ghosts, ghouls and creepy crawlies. The new and improved library at Cajun’s Closet has a wonderful variety of Sci-fi and Fantasy books to choose from. As an avid reader myself, I can tell you that a good book about a killer clown will do a lot to creep you out on a dark night. Beyond that, Cajun's Closet offers vampires, werewolves, aliens, serial killers and a wide variety of other things that go bump in the night. If the imaginary and legendary don’t interest you, you can always find a really good true story of debauchery; we have true ghost stories, true crimes and biographies of politicians. If creepy isn’t on your list we also have a huge mystery section to choose from. Our mystery section has everything from cute light mysteries to the genuinely twisted. Even if you have never been a big reader we can find something to interest you in the thousands of books at Cajun's," Dawn Risner, Cajun's Closet Manager, says.

Cajun's Closet suggestions for good Halloween reading include:

• True Ghost Stories (1995) by Terry Deary

• The Zombie Survival Guide & World War Z by Max Brooks

• Anything by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and John Saul

• For Vampire introduction: Anne Rice for advanced readers and Charlaine Harris for those looking for something lighter.

• And wonderful year round reading: Jim Butcher & Simon R. Green

There will be special deals on Cajun's wide selection of books, including mass market books, six for $1; hard back books, $1 each; trade paperback books, two for $1; and children's books: 10 cents each.

Don't forget the other great shopping at Cajun's Closet while checking out the Halloween Book Sale. Cajun's has great collectibles, home items, jewelry, and a large inventory of clothes. Regular hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Questions? Call Cajun's Closet at 303-202-0455.

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