Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cat Care Society Kitten 'Marvell' Gets a Second Chance Because of Rescuer & CCS Services

Cat Care Society (CCS) recently launched its Fall Fundraising direct mail campaign, focusing on the success story of the 10-week-old abandoned kitten, fondly named Marvell by CCS staffers after the Colorado Rapid's player Marvell Wynne. The announcement is made by Clyde Dawson, CCS Interim Executive Director, who says: "Marvell was brought to our shelter in July by a woman who had rescued him from several young boys severely torturing this helpless kitten. The boys were swinging the kitten by its tail and lighting the tips of his ears and whiskers on fire."

Marvell is one kitten who was able to have a second chance at life because of the hard work of the medical team at CCS.

Link to the PR Web newswire

Link to the Pitch Engine Social Media Release - with video

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