Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Product Launch: Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer 2-3-2 - It's Fish Food For Your Plants

Bell Aquaculture, the nation's largest yellow perch (Perca flavescens) farm and pioneer in sustainable fish farming operations, has launched the new product, Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer 2-3-2 (Fish Rich), available for purchase online at the company website. The announcement is made by Norman McCowan, president of Bell Aquaculture, who says, "Fish have been used as soil fertilizer since the Native Americans first began farming our nearby land centuries ago. Our new natural plant fertilizer, Fish Rich, is made from the remains of the Bell Perch processed at our aquaculture facility in Indiana."

Fish Rich is made from toxin- and mercury-free fish, has a very mild fish odor and is good for any soil. Fish Rich contains these three major nutrients:

* Nitrogen, which promotes green leaves, and quicker growth response.
* Phosphorous, which is good for root growth, disease resistance, promoting seed and fruit growth, and for blooming and flowering.
* Potassium, which increases root growth, and offers disease and drought resistance.

Further, Fish Rich is also a good source of calcium. "Calcium is essential for all plants and their maturity. Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth. Pathogens attack weak cell walls to invade a plant, and a stronger cell wall structure will play a big part in avoiding this potential problem," McCowan explains.

Link to the new product newswire

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