Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rocky Radar: Sophono Receives FDA Clearance for Hearing Device

Quoting from the posting:

"Sophono announced that it has received FDA clearance for its implantable Otomag Alpha 1(M) Bone Conduction Hearing System. The Alpha 1(M) can treat several hearing disorders including conductive and mixed hearing loss, as well as single sided deafness. The offers distinct advantages from current implanted bone conduction hearing devices that require an abutment (a titanium screw sticking out of the side of the head). The use of an abutment also necessitates permanent hair removal and the daily hygiene routines. The Alpha 1(M) instead uses magnetic coupling between internal (implanted) and external magnets to secure the device. The device is approved for use in adults and children as young as 5. Sophono, based in Boulder, Colorado, received startup funding from the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development."

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