Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fork to Farm: 'Rural entrepreneur fosters "innovation culture"'

Quoting from the article:

"'I thought the insurance business would be the catalyst for Roanoke’s growth but our restaurant has turned out to have the magnetic effect of a major league sports franchise,' says Pete Eshelman, owner of Joseph Decuis. This multi-faceted culinary business is named after an ancestor whom Eshelman credits for the family’s love of great local food and fine dining. The award-winning restaurant sources half of its foods from nearby farms and has attracted other businesses to town.

State of Indiana officials encouraged organizers of a recent Chicago Federal Reserve Bank rural development conference to invite Eshelman to speak. His story about the role of entrepreneurship in sparking Roanoke’s revival underscores a recent Chicago Council of Global Affairs report which found that rural regions 'must do much more to encourage homegrown companies" to foster "an innovation culture.'"

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