Friday, March 25, 2011

'Creating new funding in a post-recession market' - Including CBSA's Holli Baumunk & Jim Linfield

Quoting from today's Denver Business Journal article by Heather Draper - both CBSA President & CEO Holli Baumunk and CBSA Board Member are included in the article:

“'We’re working diligently to figure out other ways to help our companies,' said Holli Baumunk, president and CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association. 'We are exploring different options and different structures to determine what would work best for Colorado.'

The bioscience industry, which includes medical device manufacturers, drugmakers and biotechnology firms, employs about 20,000 people in Colorado, she said.

The recession made venture capitalists much more cautious with their funding, Baumunk said, and the ones who are still investing come in at later stages, when the company is already established, to try to reduce their risk.

'That creates problems for smaller, emerging companies,' she said."

Link to the Denver Business Journal website

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