Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bell Aquaculture Bell Perch Makes Its TV Debut on WISH TV's Indy Style

It all started when Bell Perch was included on the menu for Joseph Decuis night at the James Beard House in New York last month. Today, Bell Aqualculture Pres/CEO Norman McCowan joined Joseph Decuis Proprietor Alice Eshelman and Executive Chef Aaron Butts for the cooking segments on the live Indy Style show (WISH TV Channel 8) in Indianapolis.

Aaron prepared Wagyu beef mini-burgers in the first segment while Alice shared the Joseph Decuis Story with viewers. Norman joined in on the second segment to tell the Bell Aquaculture Bell Perch story while Aaron prepared yellow perch ceviche. Both the mini-burgers and the ceviche were on the James Beard menu.

Bell Aquaculture was one of the Joseph Decuis "like minded farms" - as explained on the Joseph Decuis website: "These are farms like ours who share our belief that quality is more important than mass-produced foods, and that family farming is in the blood. Each believe in natural, drug-free, humane, practices. We’re proud to use these farm-raised products to bring excellent tasting, healthy food to your plate – both at our restaurant and at your home."

Video of Joseph Decuis Night at the James Beard House in August:

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