Thursday, December 5, 2013

Courier-Journal: 'Private Clarksville hospital opens ER'

Quoting from this morning's posting: 

"Kentuckiana Medical Center opened its emergency room Sunday for the first time since the Clarksville hospital off U.S. 31 began serving the area in 2009...

...Michael Phillips, the hospital’s new CEO who relocated from Wichita, said Wednesday that completion of a multimillion-dollar expansion is expected early next year, including the final dozen of the originally planned 46 patient rooms, as well as adding telemetry-monitoring devices to some rooms and other new equipment.

Phillips said the hospital also plans on being able to guarantee ER patients that they’ll be seen within 15 minutes, a promise he said his company has fulfilled in Kansas.

The rooms boast lots of natural light and are all private rooms, 'which we find is good for patients,' Phillips said."

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Related posting from January 3, 2014:

"Kentuckiana Medical Center (KMC) in Clarksville, IN, has opened its new state-of-the-art Emergency Department and is offering patients a wait time of 15 minutes or less. Now managed by Wichita-KS based Galichia Hospital Group (GHG), KMC is benefiting from the Group’s past experience successfully making a similar promise to ER patients at Galichia Heart Hospital in Kansas."

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