Monday, May 6, 2013

Homeward Bound’s Garden in Full Bloom: 'The Novato nonprofit’s gardening program gets a boost from a special fertilizer'

Quoting from the April 29th posting:

"Now, thanks to Tanem, the garden has gained a crucial ally: Bell Aquaculture, the nation's largest yellow perch (Perca flavescens) farm and pioneer in sustainable fish farming operations, is partnering with Bob Tanem's Enterprises to provide Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer to the vegetable garden at Homeward Bound.

Tanem began testing Fish Rich on his own personal garden and at New Beginnings last year after responding to Bell Aquaculture's outreach to gardening writers and program hosts. "I have had very nice results with it,” he said on his radio program.

Norman McCowan, president of Bell Aquaculture, praised Tandem’s efforts. 'I think it's a great thing what you're doing with the New Beginnings ... teaching people how to garden and everything else. We want to continue to partner with you as long as you're doing it - just count on Bell to provide the fertilizer for you.'"

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