Thursday, February 14, 2013

The PescoVegetarian Times & Green Profit's Buzz!: Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer at New England Grows

Quoting from the February 8th posting, Plant Fish in Your Garden:

"As a dedicated pescovegetarian, I manage to find seafood wherever I go—even at a garden show!

Bell Aquaculture is an Indiana-based company that farms, fillets, and sells yellow perch. They use the leftovers from processing the fish to produce an organic liquid plant fertilizer, which they market as 'Fish Rich Fertilizer' and sell nationally.

Since I like using fish-based fertilizer, I stopped to take a look at Fish Rich while trolling the aisles at New England Grows, the annual horticultural and green industry trade show, on February 7."

Link to PescoVegetarian Times

Also reporting from New England Grows:

Quoting from the February 14th posting:

"Consistency is the key for another organic fertilizer, this being Fish Rich, a 2-2-2 liquid fertilizer. Bell Aquaculture is the largest producer of sustainably grown yellow perch and supply restaurants throughout the Midwest (maybe farther!) with their perch fillets. What to do with all that waste? Turn it into fertilizer, and they do it immediately before the fish remnants start to break down. And there’s no fishy smell—I checked!

Link to Green Profit's Buzz! (scroll down to the photo of Fish Rich in the "At New England Grows" article 

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