Saturday, January 28, 2012

CBSA January FOCUS Newsletter: Featuring Fitzsimons Bioscience Park's $8 Million Expansion and a Sneak Peek at CBSA's Plans for the Upcoming Year

Quoting CBSA President & CEO Holli Riebel:

"As we kick off the New Year at CBSA we are thankful for a great 2011 and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2012. Our community's spirit of innovation and history of success continues to push the bioscience industry forward. CBSA's strategic goals for the year are to:

* Promote a supportive regulatory and tax environment at the state and federal level.
* Increase access to capital.
* Brand Colorado's innovation in the bioscience industry.
* Enhance programs and services for our members.
* Create a bioscience community that fosters growth.

A feature detailing the $8 millon expansion of the Fitzsimons Bioscience Park is on page 2.

Link to the January FOCUS newsletter

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