Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fish Farming News: 'Bell Aquaculture on the move: Nation's largest yellow perch farm announces honors, expansion'

Quoting from the article (Issue 4 - 2010 in Fish Farming News - Aquaculture's National Newspaper):

"REDKEY, IN - For those around the industry, Fish Farming News included, who may have been monitoring the much vaunted start-up of Bell Aquaculture here with a degree of skepticism, now's the time for a rethink.

First, it is probably not accurate to call Bell a 'start-up' operation any longer; they've been around since 2005.

Second, while the company's claims of being the country's largest yellow perch farm and its penchant for getting media attention tend to make some folks nervous, the fact is Bell has been making remarkable progress toward achieving its business objectives."

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