Friday, June 6, 2014

Aurora Sentinel: 'Man with a plan: Fitzsimons redevelopment guru bringing DTC drive to Aurora’s Anschutz'

Quoting from today's posting by Brandon Johannson:

"FRA last week announced the hiring of longtime Denver real estate developer John Shaw to oversee its real estate projects in the district. 

Shaw, who oversaw the Denver Tech Center in the 1980s and worked on the redevelopment that saw the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center morph into Anschutz, said he looks forward to what the future holds for the area.

'It is absolutely staggering the amount of activity that has occurred at Fitzsimons,' he said. 'But the wonderful part is that we have 150 acres now to complete that park. And we have the opportunity to really think through how it should be developed.'

The FRA’s land includes much of the land north of East Montview Boulevard, including the old Fitzsimons golf course. The group’s development plans have called for turning that land into a thriving business park where bioscience and other high-tech companies mingle with researchers and other academics from the medical campus across Montview."

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(Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) - Link to the posting

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