Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bell Aquaculture Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer + KSFO's Bob Tanem = Great Partnership for New Beginnings Garden

 Bell Aquaculture is partnering with Bob Tanem’s Enterprises to provide Fish Rich Organic® Fertilizer to the Vegetable Garden at Homeward Bound’s New Beginnings Center in Novato, CA. The announcement is made by Norman McCowan, president of Bell Aquaculture, who suggested the partnership when he and Bell’s Regina Dunlavy were interviewing with Bob Tanem on the KSFO 560 Radio Show, ‘In The Garden,’ about Fish Rich in February.

Tanem began testing Fish Rich on his own personal garden and at New Beginnings last year after responding to Bell Aquaculture’s outreach to gardening writers and program hosts. According to Tanem’s on-air remarks, "I have had very nice results with it [Fish Rich], which is the reason both of you are on, and I thank you for the samples that I was able to work with. And it has done wonders in my feeding – and fertilizing the gardens that I have at New Beginnings. We've had a tremendous tomato crop this year, without any blossom end rot.”

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