Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heartland Growers, Inc., Tests Fish Rich® 2-2-2 Organic Fertilizer on Poinsettias

The use of Fish Rich® 2-2-2 Organic Fertilizer as a primary fertilizer on poinsettias was trialed at Heartland Growers, Inc. (Westfield, IN), from early September through the end of November 2012. The project was led by Heartland's Young Plant Specialist Ben Matthews, who says the common fertilizer formula and a volume to weight conversion factor were used to obtain 250 ppm of nitrogen for the trial (specific formulation for the study is available by linking to the one-sheet below).

Matthews recounts: "Initially the fertilizer was applied continuously. During the second week of October and proceeding, the fertilizer was applied at every-other irrigation, or about twice per week. Finally, during the month of November, the Fish Rich was applied once per week. Basically, frequency of fertilizer application was reduced as the poinsettias matured and thus did not require as much fertilizer. It should be disclaimed that while no other fertilizer than Fish Rich was purposely applied; there is a chance that the poinsettias received a minute amount of the regular poinsettia feed at Heartland Growers. It should also be noted that there was an initial charge in the substrate before Fish Rich was applied- although this too, was minute. The results were still quite distinguishable.

"Overall, the results were impressive - especially in terms of the rich color of the modified bracts. The cultivars tested were: ‘Prima’, ‘Whitestar’, ‘Mars Pink’, and ‘Euroglory Red’. In each case of the two red cultivars along with the white and pink, the color was deeper than their counterparts not treated with Fish Rich. Another notable result was the 2-2-2 regiment had a growth regulating effect on the poinsettias. None of the poinsettias being trialed with Fish Rich exhibited any symptoms of nutrient deficiency or toxicity."

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Link to the One-Sheet Overview

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